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A Different Kind of Agency

A Different Kind of Agency

We work with Nurses, Care and Allied Health professionals in all disciplines and specialities, and at all levels, from recently qualified to senior management.  Our focus is on getting you the work you want, the lifestyle fit you need and the rewards you deserve.

The type of work you want

We offer you 3 different ways to work with us, depending upon your personal and career requirements:

Agency, Contract and Permanent.

Beacuse we're specialists, we work with candidates and roles in Nursing, Remote Area HealthAged & Community Care & Management.

We know that your requirements may change over time, so you'll always have the option to discuss your plans with your Consultant, and they'll help you make the transition.  We want to be your career partner, and we're motivated by getting you the work you want.

Why we're different​

Get our Member App

H1 Healthcare provides it’s staff with a unique Member’s Application that offers you the most convenient way to manage your time and workload. 

From our app, available on apple and android, you can update your availability, accept / reject shifts, enter travel KMs, view shift documents, view shift worth, submit timesheets, all from our user friendly dashboard.

Details of some of the App features include:

Push Notifications - Receive immediate details of Available Shifts, Upcoming Shift Alerts, Helpful Shift Notes, & other Communications.

Availability - View /Enter up to 4Weeks Casual Availability, including flexible options for high priority standby, double shifts, Possibly Available, All day off.

My Shifts - Accept or Decline Shifts assigned to you instantly within seconds without any phone calls. View your confirmed shifts, add shifts to your Calendar, Receive GPS directions with detailedtravel, entry and important facility information.

Released (shifts) - Accept or Decline Standard shifts that are made available to a large group instantly. Whoever is the quickest to accept the shift wins!

Timesheets - Quickly Submit your timesheets online, just select your shift, follow prompts and with a quick photo snap you're done in seconds, ready for your next payday.

Personal & Contact Details - Update your personal work, and emergency contact details at any time directly.

• Preferences - Be your own boss, Submit your preferences for your availability, contact, travelling times and work arrangements, updated straight to the Agency.


$500 nurse bonus

As an agency set up and, to this this day, owned by a registered nurse we recognise the skills and focus required to be a modern day nurse.
We also recognise the increasing pressures being put on you, both work-based and financial, and want to help ease that burden.

It takes a certain type of person to handle all of these pressures, and we know that our nurses are superheroes! Taking it all in your stride, and not flinching while navigating this ever-rewarding career choice.

Now there's a new reward.  H1 Healthcare are offering our Nursing Heroes a bonus of up to $1,000* on top of our great rates of pay...simply for doing your job.

  • $500 bonus after 4 weeks (150 hours)
  • $500 bonus after 12 weeks (450 hours)

Simply browse our jobs or contact the team for more information.

Call 1300 22 55 41 or email

*Conditions apply. Contact the team for more information.

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