H1 Hero

Who is the H1 Hero?

We believe that the H1 Hero — someone who goes above and beyond to care for others — is an integral part of H1 Healthcare.

The H1 Hero puts their best foot forward to make sure their patients are getting the best care possible. And they do it while caring for their own families, friends and communities.

H1 Heroes are nominated by their colleagues for reasons like these — their willingness to take on new challenges, their enthusiasm for new clients, or just because they are great people to work with.

Their stories are what we want to hear and share.

So, The H1 Hero program is an opportunity to celebrate them and recognize their efforts.

Healthcare is a field that is constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant: the value of its workers.

This cannot be denied: Healthcare workers are the backbone of strong healthcare systems. Nurses, doctors, support workers, carers — they are the ones that protect, treat, and give comfort to patients in times of crisis.

They make sure their patients get better when they’re sick or injured, or just want to feel better overall. They are the ones who hold people’s hands as they go through their everyday life; they ensure our families get the best care possible.

And at a time when the country was facing so many challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, these heroes went above and beyond their duties to help those in need. In the world of healthcare, there are many heroes. They show dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to transcend when it comes to their jobs. They understand that their work is important and that what they do matters.

Often, these heroes are unsung.

So, it’s time for us all to take a step back and appreciate the amazing people who do so much for everyone every day. Their work is vital in our lives—and they should be celebrated.

As part of H1 Healthcare’s commitment to recognizing the dedication and hard work of healthcare workers, we are proud to recognize our H1 Hero.


What makes an H1 Hero?

The H1 Hero is a healthcare worker who embodies the skills and passion needed to do their job well.

They show what it means to be an industry leader by offering great service, being innovative in their practices and taking initiative when things get hard— by just showing up for their patients with genuine care and respect.

We want to salute those who have made their mark in the industry. We want to celebrate everyone who has dedicated themselves to helping others.

H1 Healthcare works with a team of people who do their best work when they’re truly challenged by a task or mission—and we know that those people are really good at what they do.

The H1 Healthcare team is excited about this initiative as it helps us acknowledge all the amazing individuals who work in healthcare.

Our goal is that by highlighting just one person each week, everyone will be inspired by their story of dedication and inspiration.

We hope everyone will join in on this special recognition of these dedicated healthcare professionals.

We know you’ve done an amazing job getting this far — now let’s celebrate your accomplishments!

Jan-Piet Hooft

Jan-Piet’s collaborative nature resonates with our team and every client.   You are a true pillar of our dedicated team, Jan-Piet!

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Vallary Kemboi

Vallary’s exceptional communication skills and dedication to healthcare excellence make her a true hero.  You continuously work hard and we are grateful for everything you

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Stanley Opara

Loved by every client, Stanley brings harmony and connection to every interaction.  You are the epitome of unwavering compassion and empathy, Stanley!

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Rodney Reyes

Consistently showcasing empathy and positivity, Rodney brings a positive spirit to his work, making every day feel like a season of joy.  Thank you for

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Oladimeji Adedokun

Navigating a 24/7 roster, Oladimeji personifies unwavering patience, unmatched professionalism and an enduring commitment to client care.  You are an inspiration to us all, Oladimeji!

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Nathan Jason Lysiak

In record time, Nathan has proven his reliability, enthusiasm, and unwavering passion for every shift. He also actively engages with H1 about his performance.  You

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