What do you do for a living, I love aged care.

I have been working in the aged care industry for just shy of ten years and regardless of the varied positions I’ve held in the industry; from working as an AIN in my early 20s, working as a Case Manager in home care packages, to becoming a Diversional Therapists based in both residential aged care and working in allied health settings to now assisting to support clinical staffing shortfalls and placing the right people in positions where they can make a difference. The response is almost always the same.

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Work best friends, Worth it.

At the time the question puzzled me. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to work, I thought to myself. When completing this survey, I loved my job, loved my boss and received recognition and support in my role but I did not have a best friend at work, not even close. I am a naturally bubbly and friendly person; I am comfortable around others and feel like I easily engage with people. In this particular work place, I had people I would call work friends, people I would happily chat and joke with but no one I referred to as a best friend.

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