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Workforce solutions that work

Our solutions do more than just plug a gap.  They are designed to help you alleviate the pressures of staffing shortfalls, and to help you attract and retain the best people for your organisation.

We're committed to ensuring tangible results for our clients.  We know that recruiting and retaining is tough for many healthcare employers, and as our demand for health and care services becomes greater, that task will only get more difficult.

We work with you to understand your needs and we develop solutions to meet them.  We are committed to reducing our client's reliance on agency staff in the medium and long term, and we deploy intelligent recruitment strategies to alleviate the pressure of staffing shortages.

Last Minute Staffing

It doesn't matter how successful you are at recruiting and retaining, the likelihood is that you'll need to use an agency at some point for that last minute staffing shortfall.  It pays to be prepared and to have a plan in place.

We operate a 24 hour a day on call service for our Clients' last minute staffing requirements.  With a large pool of Nurses and Healthcare Assistants available to deploy across the country, we can usually find you the person you need, and with the right skillset, within the hour.

Our people are selected for their experience, commitment to excellence, flexibility and customer service.  All staff supplied by us will have:

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  • At least 1 years' experience in a similar setting
  • Been assessed by a registered nurse as suitable and competent to practice
  • Provided us with a Police Check / Working with Children check
  • Given us 2 references satisfactory from a recent employer
  • Provided full serology reports as required
  • Undertaken our comprehensive induction and training program
  • And will attend your assignment in full uniform and with an ID Badge

Our systems do not allow anyone who has not satisfied the above checks to be placed, and monitors compliance of all qualifications and right to work continuously.

Plan ahead and get our best rates, cashback and guaranteed service

To ensure that we are best able to service your urgent requirement, it pays to plan ahead.  Set up a Staff Ready account with us and you'll have pre-agreed rates, service levels and a dedicated account manager.  We'll even give you cashback every quarter depending upon your usage*.  Plus, we can include information about your hospital ward, care home or service in our system to make sure our Staff are best prepared to work with you.

Complete the form below or call 1300 22 55 41 and we'll get you set up in minutes. 

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* Terms and Conditions apply.  Please speak to your Business Manager for full details.

Intelligent Staffing

Our Workforce Solutions are designed to do more than plug a gap.  They are not a catch-all fix to your problem of agency overspend either.  And there isn't a fancy IT system.  

But we do put people front and centre, identifying problems and creating individual solutions at a local level.  And we really do solve long term staffing shortfalls with strategies that genuinely work, saving you money in the medium and long term, and reducing your overall reliance on agency staff.



We start by focusing on the individual location, creating solutions unique to hospitals and nursing homes, even down to ward level.  We start by simply asking you: "what works for you, what doesn’t?   What are your consistent problems?  Let's work together to make to better."  We get to know the problem, understand the issues and develop solutions to alleviate the pressure and work to fix the problem in the medium and long term.

Our people are experts in their field, and are motivated to help their clients resolve their staffing shortfalls for good.



We help make contingent labour and assisted recruitment part of your overall workforce strategy by including temporary staff into long term roster planning. 

We work with you to develop both contract to perm and straight off perm recruitment projects to fix ongoing staffing gaps, as well as developing a dedicated contingent or reserve staff pool to call upon when required.


in control

We help put you back in control by managing contingent workforce planning, creating a pipeline of talent for you and giving you strategies to manage last minute cover.

We give you the ability to pick your contingent staff pool and we give you more visibility on your spend, contingent staff compliance and talent pipeline.


the result

After 6 to 9 months, we expect your recurring agency usage to have dropped by between 75% and 90%, and your permanent workforce to have increased to near full strength.  For those irregular last minute agency requirements which you will undoubtedly experience, you will have a dedicated pool of staff to pick from who are shared with other nearby locations, and who are already inducted into your organisation.

Agency spend will have reduced to between 10% and 25% of what it was, your workforce is more engaged and committed.  Continuity of care is dramatically improved, leading to better patent experiences.  And you are able to manage last minute staffing crises when they occur.


Find out more by calling a Workforce Solutions Specialist on 1300 22 55 41

Compliance Management

Our Compliance Management process is designed to ensure that every candidate you work with through us has the right to work and the correct training and qualifications to be doing the job.  We take it seriously, and invest significantly into our resource compliance systems and management teams to ensure that you're covered.

Compliance Process 

When a candidate registers for work with H1 Healthcare, before they are assigned a recruitment consultant, they must first pass through our Compliance Team.  They collect all relevant documentation from the candidate to ensure that they:

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  1. Are who they say they are;
  2. Have the right to work in this country;
  3. Have the minimum required work experience with a satisfactory performance record;
  4. Have the qualifications for the job they are applying for; and
  5. Have a clear or acceptable criminal record history 

All candidates are interviewed face to face by a Registered Nurse or qualified care professional, and are assessed for their clinical competence.

Compliance Systems

Everyone who works for H1 Healthcare has an electronic compliance record on our advanced recruitment and compliance database.  The system records the documents, certificates, checks and work rights of everyone, with expiry dates and restrictions.

Assisted Recruitment

Our experts can help you find the right person.  From a Nurse Specialist to a CEO, our connections and search strategies put you in touch with the candidates that you don't know are looking.

With more options than ever for finding active job seekers, it's a wonder that you still struggle to recruit.  But you do, and that's because everyone else is looking for the same candidates that you are - and in the same places.

So how do you get ahead of the game?

By finding the ones that aren't looking.

And that's where we come in.  Our people are experts in their field, with wide professional networks.  We spend our days speaking to healthcare professionals the world over, updating them on the market, finding out what their career plans are and advising on their next steps.  Quite often they're not actively searching for a new role, and so their CV isn't on any job board, and they aren't registered with every recruitment agent in town.

We get to understand you and your organisation.

We spend a lot of time getting to know you, as well.  We only work with selected clients who understand our methodologies and that means we have more time to focus on your talent pipeline.  Your Consultant will become an extension of your own hiring team and professional network, identifying candidates who may be of interest to you, conducting confidential sourcing for key roles and building a database of people who you may fit your requirements - be in today or next year.


Redefine your recruitment strategy

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