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Compliance Management

Our Compliance Management process is designed to ensure that every candidate you work with through us has the right to work and the correct training and qualifications to be doing the job.  We take it seriously, and invest significantly into our resource compliance systems and management teams to ensure that you're covered.

Compliance Process 

When a candidate registers for work with H1 Healthcare, before they are assigned a recruitment consultant, they must first pass through our Compliance Team.  They collect all relevant documentation from the candidate to ensure that they:

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  1. Are who they say they are;
  2. Have the right to work in this country;
  3. Have the minimum required work experience with a satisfactory performance record;
  4. Have the qualifications for the job they are applying for; and
  5. Have a clear or acceptable criminal record history 

All candidates are interviewed face to face by a Registered Nurse or qualified care professional, and are assessed for their clinical competence.

Compliance Systems

Everyone who works for H1 Healthcare has an electronic compliance record on our advanced recruitment and compliance database.  The system records the documents, certificates, checks and work rights of everyone, with expiry dates and restrictions.

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