H1 Healthcare

This a challenging time for our sector with Stage 4 restrictions currently in place however, H1 Healthcare successfully navigated the Pandemic in March, and are confident with our dedicated, and highly skilled workforce we will get through this second phase, stronger and together!

We wish we could personally thank each and every one of our members for all your efforts during this challenging time. Many of us at H1 healthcare come from a healthcare background so understand the daily challenges experienced by staff in the healthcare sector – these challenges are significantly amplified during a pandemic! But you continue to make clients goals your priority, adapting to participants specific requirements while always ensuring their safety and well-being. Many of you often make alternative arrangements for childcare, school, and other commitments so that you can continue to support our clients, who without your support would not receive the vital care they deserve.

At H1 healthcare we recognise, that not all heroes wear capes, they carry extra disposable gloves, pull-ups and pads to ensure clients personal care requirements are always met while accessing the community. They reassure their clients when life gets confusing for them, because they do not understand why they can’t go to the cinema or watch the footy this weekend. They take extra time out of their day to show their team members how to complete routines in a specific way that makes a client feel most comfortable and safe. Our members are the real-life Heroes! Thank you, to all of you, who continue to work tirelessly around the clock to provide the utmost of care to our clients, you are the H1 Heroes, and you make H1!

ID badges.. We want you to feel comfortable while going to work and supporting clients. We understand there can be some confusion around what reasons you can leave your home. We want to reassure our members, that you are all essential workers, your work cannot be completed at home, therefore, you have every right to leave your home to attend shifts and work. We would like to issue all members ID badges so that in the unlikely event you are stopped by law enforcement while attending shifts, you can present you ID card and be on your way swiftly! Please email hello@h1healthcare.com.au a passport style photo if you haven’t received a badge, and ensure your address is up to date on the app. All badges will be posted to your address as presented on the app (please see details of how to do this below). While waiting for your ID card to arrive, you can present your app or this email as proof of work if needed.

Staying Safe during Covid19.

Your health and safety are a priority to us at H1 healthcare. Therefore, we want to ensure you possess the knowledge of good hygiene practices to be able to carry out your work safely during Covid19. It is for this reason we have asked all members to complete the, ‘Covid 19 Infection Prevention’, module on the government website. Thank you to those who have already submitted your certificates, your profile has been updated. Please complete this module urgently to remain an active member with us if you haven’t already done so. You can complete the COVID19 specific training through this link https://covid-19training.gov.au/login. Once completed, please email your certificate to hello@h1healthcare.com.au.

Job Opportunities.

We are still looking for dedicated support workers in the Northern and Eastern Suburbs, as well as the Gippsland region to join H1 Healthcare (Sale, Bairnsdale, Moe and Leongatha). We are especially interested in hearing from people who have experience managing behaviours of concerns, and complex care (PEG, suctioning). When you refer someone to H1, and they complete 5 shifts with us you will be issued a $50 voucher. So, tell your best friend, your family, work colleagues and school mates! Just ask your referral to send their CV to careers@h1healthcare.com.au and include your full name.

VDWC roll out.

People with disability can now make a complaint about any disability worker in Victoria with stronger safeguards introduced by government legislation, which commenced under the new Victorian Disability Worker Commission on July 1 st 2020. As part of preventing unsafe service provision, the Commission will also require disability workers and providers to formally notify of certain conduct which places service users at risk.

For more information you can visit https://www.vdwc.vic.gov.au/.

Thank you to all our H1 Heroes!