H1 Healthcare

H1 Healthcare have partnered with Medical Edge to deliver a ‘Rapid Antigen Testing’ program that offers the Healthcare sector an industry shifting & proactive approach to Covid-19.

Through our accurate testing, H1 are now able to offer immediate assistance in rapidly reducing the introduction & spread of Covid-19 into high-risk settings, such as Residential Aged/Disability facilities.

By providing an accurate positive or negative result within 15 minutes, we can catch the virus before staff enter any high-risk setting.

H1 are working closely with Medical Edge to implement this service through two streams:

  1. At Your Door – H1 will deploy ‘Testing Teams’ at each of your sites. This involves testing anyone prior to entry, ensuring Covid-19 does not enter your site. Positive or negative result certificates will be provided to you within 15 minutes of test.
  2. Geo Targeting – Based on a correlation of your service locations & population density, H1 will deploy ‘Testing Teams’ to various locations. The H1 workforce will visit these sites on route to each shift, providing a negative result certificate on arrival.

Together, H1 and Medical Edge have the industry knowledge & expertise, coupled with the scalable capacity to roll out the program in Victoria.

If would like to be part of H1 Healthcare’s ‘Stop The Spread Project’, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team (p. 1300 225 541 or email hello@h1healthcare.com.au and use “Stop the Spread Project” in the subject line).